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Rate bonce Alexa , Bonce rate google analytics What is bounce rate ? What is the effect of bounce rate on your blog ? And what also factors that lead to high or low bounce rate ? For most bloggers , the above question is often crossed their minds . They do not know where the bounce rate of a blog purely because it does not know to willfully . In fact , the facts indicate if the bounce rate can be used as an important indicator to assess the applicability of visitors on a blog .

What is a bounce rate ?Bounce rate is the ratio of the number of visitors is only open one page on the blog that you have. Bounce rate is calculated using the following formula .
Bounce rate = ( Number of visitors who just opened a blog page / total number of visits ) x 100 % .
For example, within one month of your blog have a total number of 50,000 visits , while readers who visit only one page open as many as 2,000 . Thus , the bounce rate of your blog for ( 2.000/50.000 ) x100 % = 4 % .

The bigger the bounce rate possessed a blog then the blog 's performance will get worse , while the smaller the bounce rate on a blog , then the performance will be even better blog .

In order for the better performance of the blog , you can set 20 % as the maximum value of the bounce rate on your blog . You can also see the bounce rate on your blog using Google Analytics facilities .Cause bounce rateHigh or low bounce rate on a blog have been affected by several factors , among others, as follows .
1 . Blog loading speed .Blog with loading speeds that can prevent readers to cancel his visit to the blog . Thus, the faster loading blog then its bounce rate would be even smaller .

2 . The layout design .To get a good bounce rate then a blog should also have a good design layout anyway . Blog which has a complicated layout and would make it difficult traced lazy to browse the contents of the blog readers and chose to leave immediately .

3 . Quality content .Less interesting blog content will also make the reader does not linger visit . Readers certainly do not want to waste time with useless because it does not find the information interesting and useful to him . Therefore , diligent publish content on the blog on a regular basis while maintaining the quality that is always kind and helpful .
4 . Internal linking.The more internal linking to the blog then surely bounce rate on my blog will be getting smaller . This is due to the reader 's easy to visit other pages in the blog so that every page in a blog to connect with either . For example, the reader is reading the content of your blog is titled how to care for cats . Well , on that page you paste a link that redirects to the characteristics of healthy cats . If the reader is interested in the topic on the page characteristics of healthy cats and then visited the bounce rate of your blog will get smaller . You can use the link on the post , related posts , recent posts , popular posts and to build internal linking .
5 . External linking.The more external linking or outbound links that lead to other blogs installed on your blog page then it is likely the number of blog readers who leave to go to another blog page in the attached link that will be even greater , so that the bounce rate is to be high . External linking is found in the blogroll , images , and ads that appear on the blog page .
The existence of bounce rate is not so considered by many bloggers . However , look at the great function as one indicator of the performance of the blog so from now you must learn to recognize and optimize it properly . Please give feedback and response to articles I write this through a comment below .
Hopefully the above article can be useful for you .

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