Increase Ranking With Excellent Blog Visitors

Many bloggers who tamper with their blogs that are SEO friendly , and hope the blog becomes rank 1 in Google . But on the other hand they ignore the factor of satisfaction that visitors to the blog pages .
This is actually something that is very wrong , because Google also assess visitor satisfaction parameters that they deliver to your blog . I 've watched a lot of blogs in Indonesia , and the blogs are more concerned about the quality of content to visitor satisfaction , tend to rank better , than those who are preoccupied with advanced SEO techniques son of magic ....
SEO it is necessary , but if you ignore the satisfaction of visitors , then you will not get the most out of SEO itself, because most of the points of SEO lies in visitor activity on your blog page .
Satisfying Ways To Getting Blog Visitors Rank
Here are some things that friends can do to improve the satisfaction of the visitors who read our articles ....

Try to see the preview display of articles before you publish the article. Read the article from the point of view of visitors to the blog . Roughly if you are into blog visitors whether you will be satisfied with the information.
Make sure you also examines competitors , if one is to provide better information than you . If there is , then try to make your posts better .
After that, look again at whether the article is well structured for discussion points . Do you understand this information , if you are not the author?
If it takes do not hesitate to put an outside source in your article . But should you choose an outside source that is also qualified and more authoritative than your blog .
If you create a page for the benefit of the online business , then trust is something that is very necessary . Make sure you provide a contact number and address clearly for the visitors of your website .
Try to read a lot of similar articles and think about what still needs to be improved from the existing content on your blog .
Insert image also ilustratiff that can help your visitors understand the content of the article .
Make it clear to the article page read your blog visitors . Do many advanced scripts such as advertising inserts , or hovering ad blocking the view of visitors , because sometimes there is a very lazy visitors see the site like it ..... so they will just go ahead and close it .
Also make sure your blog has a good navigation system , so that visitors can easily find your articles .

The ultimate goal of all this is to make our visitors feel at home , which will increase the time of their visit on our blog . When can we also need to encourage visitors to our blog to read our articles to another so the bounce rate of your blog also improved .
The good value of the parameter of the time of the visit and the bounce rate which will help add points us to get a better ranking in Google .
Many bloggers who will sneer input like this , because for them it is not as important as the quality of the SEO content itself. Those techniques like link wheel , and tier backlinks are to be believed ....
But once again I say that the blogs that are in the top layer tends alexa blog with quality content is good . So if you build a blog for reader satisfaction , you also have to satisfy the search engine robots , but if you tend to focus on satisfying the search robots only, then you tend to make visitors uncomfortable ....

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