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How to speed up loading the blog is a lot , however according to our suggestion to speed up loading the blog do not use scripts speeding up loading the blog , I really encourage you to not use scripts speeding up loading the blog because in addition to the script that reduces the value of SEO to your blogs , will also increase the size of the template that you use as well as speed up loading the script of this blog do not necessarily match the code that you put in your template . Really? I was not sure if the script is not suitable because when I found this code in various blogs , blog owners who write this script to say if there are some templates that do not support or does not work on the script speed up loading this blog
Speed ​​up loading blogs or blogs that light is one of the main factors that will affect the traffic of visitors . Because most visitors do not want to wait the length of the loading to be able to read your blog posts , and the higher the bounce effect will always haunt the blog . This is the cause of the bloggers take measures to improve the loading speed of a blog or alleviate his blog . I think the size of the loading of a blog can be said quickly when getting a minimum value of 80 when using a desktop part darihttp measurement indicators :/ / developers.google.com / speed / PageSpeed ​​/ insights / , if less than 80 then it can be considered slow and there should be more effort further in order to reach that number . Well through this post I will share how to speed up loading the blog include :A. How to Speed ​​Loading Using CSS Compressor BlogCompressed CSS blog was either manually or automatically , Manually course you should be careful to sort out which ones can be summarized and which are stand-alone , so my advice just use tool that has been widely available in various websites . For example, my friend can use http://www.csscompressor.com , http://cssoptimiser.com , http://imabblog.com/cssoptimizer/compress.html , http://tools.arantius.com/css-compressor , http://www.cssdrive.com/index.php/main/csscompressorStep Compress Blog TemplatesBlog or website that we have to have the Light Loading and this will trigger every visitor that enters Blog page / website you do not wait for the look of your blog gradually open perfectly . Sometimes we also like to wonder what makes Blog / Website loading Lama ? Factor one reason is because too many HTML codes that will put in the blog .As an illustration to begin to compress HTML

1. Login to your Blogger
2. to draft
3. Edit HTML
4. Just in case your first download the template
5. Copy all the HTML code templates , ( use Ctrl + A to make it faster )
6. Open the Text Fixer ( http://www.textfixer.com/html/compress-html-compression.php )
look at the picture below and follow the steps
7. Check " Do not compress the head of the HTML document " , then lik Compres HTML . Then the HTML script code kompresan results will appear below it . Then copy the code and paste in your HTML template was to replace the old template HTML code as a whole .

8 . save the template ( see the difference )
in fact there are many services that provide compress HTML code


B. How to Speed ​​up Loading Blog with Minimized Image Size
Already certain that a large image size in pixels or kbyte parameter will add weight loading blog . Bloggers can reduce image quality as one of the ways bloggers can or compress the image. So get yourself the size of the picture file that is used as small as possible .C. Accelerate Time Loading Blog with Putting Script at the end of the template editorAlthough not all scripts can be placed at the end , Seek more prioritized parts of the script to be placed at the end of the edit page templates , because in this section will be read by the browser if the other parts are already finished processing ..D. Accelerate Loading Blog with not repeating the same image uploadsUse the same image url to be used over and over again if necessary , but It is no upload the same image with the new address . For example, an image has an address like :
https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEh4kd1nA8wPi9r2alARkudLj1S2VBuZYoT6peG6wTLPBPsTpehdKln3KbFsRl5LZTiKZzHFOEFgzOc-oLbFA3-AlyoO5ND2q2sf4A9rQy3UOUjlIIBUyRPKefE2_2bc6xCVVv5Zx-EgYoE/s1600/lagu.jpgand has been used on a blog article , so if there is another post that uses the same image then you should use the return address .E. Relieve blog to avoid excessive adsAs we know that the ads always use images and scripts , so get yourself do not add the ads that will worsen the loading time of your blog , The little ads that appear on the blog further adds to light a blog . If pleasing no ads would be even faster.F. Accelerate Loading Blog with not using a background imageBackground image is definitely more interesting than the background color of the form is not it? , But the background image will add slow loading your blog , so you should replace it with a background color if you want the extra speed of loading . If you do not know how to change the background can read the article List of Code blog background color with colorG. Loading accelerate Blog by removing certain widgetDispose of unnecessary widgets , my point is a widget that will affect the course of loading your blog , for example clock widget , calendar widget , widgets translate and others .H. Speed ​​up loading blog with CSS SpritesThis method does require a sufficient knowledge or expertise so that we can combine multiple images into a single image . In order summoning the images are not necessarily repeated , which would certainly take time loading . Since each image will always use extra http request . Can you try to use http://spriteme.org SpriteMe by visiting the site .I. Relieve loading blog with LazyloadThere is also the increased speed loading the script menguunakan lazyload , lazyload will delay loading images with emphasis on the script beforehand , so seoalh if walking with faster . And you can try to put the below script code above < / head> , if it is felt there is no change in your loading , so it's good the script is released again .

<script src='http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.1/jquery.min.js' type='text/javascript'/>
<script src='http://googledrive.com/host/0B2fPWv1fLnEnSjZSNUdIaXhscEk' type='text/javascript'/>
<script type='text/javascript'>
$ (function ( ) {
$ ( ' img ' ) . lazyload ( {
placeholder : &quot;http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-sJ-tZahntLI/T9coeqmdqMI/AAAAAAAADUQ/ztxIT1Fht4g/s1600/grey.png&quot;,
effect : " fadeIn " ,
threshold : 100
} ) ;
} ) ;
< / script >
If you already have a blog then remove <script src='http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.1/jquery.min.js' jquery type='text/javascript'/> in above , the first blog should only be 1 jquery .
That little discussion of how to speed up loading the blog , because in addition to the way the above still many other ways that can be used are of course always evolving all the time , hope I hope this article can provide little benefit to your blog .

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