Basics of Google Adwords

The popular advertising channel of Google is known as "Adwords". With the help of Adwords people can advertise their business on Google i.e. the search engine and the whole lot of other networks that Google has. This channel of advertising is an easy medium to promote business products or services and one can expect to generate leads in as little as 15 mins. (Conditions apply). 

Basics of Adwords

Google Adwords
Google Adwords (Image Source:- Adwords )
We should start by reading these interesting points given below:-

1- Adwords program is a great way to reach your targeted audience spread across an array of networks.
2- You can login to Adwords with your existing Gmail account.
3- Adwords reach an estimated 80% of internet users.
4- You can start running ads on Google in as little as 15 mins.
5- There is no minimum budget for Adwords.
6- You can stop displaying ads anytime.

Opening an Account

To open an account visit:-
You may login with your existing gmail id and password.

Creating an AdGroup

The next process is to create an Adgroup. It consists of keywords, ads and bids and is part of a broader ad campaign. You can create an Adgroup by clicking on the tab named" Adgroup" and then clicking on "create a new adgroup" located on top. 

Creating an Ad Campaign

An Ad Campaign can consists of a number of Ad Groups. For example if you are selling Gifts online then you may create a campaign for "Birthday" and under this campaign "Birthday", you can have a number of Ad groups like "Birthday cakes", "Birthday flowers", "Birthday dresses" etc. You can create an Ad campaign by clicking on the tab named "Campaign" and then clicking on "Create a new campaign" located on top.

Your first Ad
Now that you have created your ad campaign, you must create your first ad. You can create an ad by clicking on the tab mentioning “create an ad”. Follow  the steps for creating an ad:-
1-      Give a headline (Maximum 25 characters)- It must be catchy and must include keywords wisely.
2-      Provide a description(Maximum 35 characters)- It must describe your services well.
3-      Enter the display url .
4-      Enter the destination url where you want the customers to visit after clicking on your ad.

Specifying your target audience

You must specify your targeted audience by specifying a geographical area by country or city.
Choose keywords
This is the most important part of your campaign. You must choose your keywords wisely after doing extensive keyword research. The keywords would determine the display of your ads on result pages. You can enter one keyword or phrase per line in the box given on your account.

Choosing Price

Here you will have to choose two important things:-
1-      The daily budget of your ad.
2-      The maximum cost per click a.ka cpc of your ad.

Entering Payment

The last step would be to enter your payment details by choosing any of the specified options.
 Your ad would go live as soon as the payment gets verified.

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