What Exactly is a High Quality Backlink?

Several webmasters provide different definitions to high quality backlinks. Some think high PR is the lone criteria for judging a website while others argue that sites having high DA are the best places to earn backlinks. But, what exactly is a high quality backlink?

Definition of a High Quality Backlink

"A link that raises the importance of your website in the eyes of Google or other search engines is termed as a high quality backlink. "

How to Check Which Link is of a High Quality?

Link is of High Quality when-

It comes from a site related to your industry
It has a high Domain Authority and Page Rank
It comes from a site having high TrustRank with Google
It comes from a site that has many web pages ranking on Google for competitive keywords
It is shared by an author having high Author Rank
It comes from Government Sites
It comes from educational institutions like Universities and Schools.
It comes from an authorative body within your industry.
It is shared naturally on forums and QA sites (Please note the word "naturally")
It comes from a reputed blogger sharing your industry insights.
It comes from sites that have been in the business for long years and have accumulated lots of TrustRank
It comes from reputed web directories like Yahoo, Dmoz and Business.com

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