SEO Issues That Needs to Be Taken Seriously

SEO Issues, Many times it happens that the webmasters completely ignore the seo issues as suggested by a competent search engine optimizer. These issues may affect a site badly resulting in partial or complete loss of traffic if not taken seriously.

Are You Taking these SEO Issues Seriously?

Robots.txt Issues

Sometimes a secret folder may get crawled by search engine bots and information that needed to be refrained from general public gets cached and displayed in the search results. It may also happen that a high traffic yielding folder may accidently get disallowed due to incorrect directions specified in the robots.txt. Hence, robots.txt is an important file and its issues needs to be resolved with immediate basis.

Less User Friendly Links

Many of the older websites are still using a spammy way of displaying links on their website. These links have been put in order to gain the attention of the search engines and not the user. All these links (mostly with similar anchor text and in areas not necessay like too many footer links or sitewide links) needs to be removed. Links that count high from a user point of view should be given more preference instead of links aimed at gaining high search engine positions. Remember Penguin is roaming and it might catch you!

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Low Quality Content

Content has always taken the most important place in search engine optimization. If your website is having low quality content that is written for the search engines solely for the purpose of ranking higher, then the time has come to either remove it or rewrite it. Create content for the users and give more time on the presentation. If people start spending more time on your site due to the high quality content present on it then it a great ranking signal for Google.

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Unnatural Backlink Profile

This is a serious seo advice. If your site is having lots of unnatural backlinks then it's time to remove them one by one. More advice can be found here:- 

Lower Quality Backlink Profile Asking for Trouble?

Targeting Several Exact Match Domains For Every Location

Google has penalized every low quality sites which were ranking high due to the presence of keywords in
the domain. This was done by the EMD update. If your business still targets several locations with a bunch of low quality exact match domains, then drop this idea immediately. The best way would be to promote a single site instead of promoting several different sites as per every location.

Missing Google Authorship

Anonymous web content is going to get less preference than named content or content associated with an
identity. Google authorship is a great way for Google to reduce web spam. if you have not implemented Google Authorship even today, then do it as early as possible. The sooner you do it, the better it is for your site.

Missing Social Media Presence

The role of social media in search engine optimization strategy is growing bigger and bigger with every passing year. Your business needs to have a solid presence on popular social media sites like Facebook,
Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. (See more:- Social Signals and Seo)

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