Syndication is a Valid Way to Get More Links

Search engine optimizers and internet marketers have long used the strategy of content syndication as an effective method to increase links to a website. But one question still haunts them and that is "Is content syndication a valid way to get more links?". Well, the answer is, YES. In Matt Cutts opinion, content syndication and link building is not illegal. The point is, you only need to maintain some technical things to get it right.
Content Syndication

How to Do Content Syndication the Right Way?

In order to get the full benefit of content syndication, you need to put some mechanical things in place.

Publish the content under your Google Authorship - You need to publish the content either on your main site or any other authoritative site under your Google Authorship. This will help Google find out the original author of the article and pass on the full value.

Use rel=canonical - You must use rel=canonical tag in order to help Google understand that the location of the original content and treat the other syndicated ones as unoriginal.

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