Make Your Website Ready for 2013 Link Building - Infographic

Link building in 2013 infographic, Make Your Website Ready for 2013 Link Building - Infographic Link building has changed a lot in 2013. The infographic shared below will unveil the basics of link building in 2013.

5 Things Google Gives Priority While Presenting the Results

Quality - The overall quality of the site matters a lot. This includes the quality of content and the trust which the audience holds in the content.

Relevancy - Google always picks the most relevant site out of the lot with respect to the search query.

Frequency - The frequecny with which a brand receives promotion, including links and posting of content, all holds a certain value in the eyes of Google.

Naturality- How natural is the link building process? Is the website using unnatural methods to build links? Naturality with which links are created can make or break a website.

Quantity - The quantity of links and the quantity with which content is created on the site, both holds value.

Link Building Platforms

Content Marketing - The traditional way of marketing which includes article syndication and guest posting.

Social Media - Promoting a website on major social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc.

Local Niche Sites - Presence of business details in locally relevant websites.

Geo Local Sites - Presence of business details in geo local sites.

Lead Generation Platforms - These are costly but gives good results.

Link building in 2013 infographic

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