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The Seo Industry speaks using the terms shared below. If you want to be a part of the seo industry then knowing these terms would help you to enhance your knowledge and understand the concepts more clearly.


(Explanation of Seo Industry Terms in Alphabetical Order)


Anchor Text - The text written on an hyperlink is known as anchor text.

Alt Text- The alternative text description for an image is known as Alt text.



Backlink- The link to your website from any other website apart from your own website is known as a backlink.

Blogging- The practice of maintaining a blog and updating it frequently is known as blogging.

Blog- Think of it as an online diary where you can update it and add a post on a daily basis.

Bait- Also known as link bait. Link building practice which uses a free stuff or some other technique to persuade others to link to you is known as a link bait.

Bot- A special software for crawling the web.

Broken Links- Broken Links are those links which show a 404 not found error. 

Black Hat Seo- Techniques used by black hat seo professional that tries to manipulative the search engine algorithms while ranking websites is known as black hat seo.


Cloaking - It is a technique of presenting two seperate web pages - one for the user and the other for the search engines.

Crawler- A Web crawler is a computer program that automatically browses the world wide web to identify the hyperlinks present in web pages and adds them to its ever growing list of url's to visit called the crawl frontier.

CSS- Stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is a language used for designing the layout,color,fonts etc of a webpage. It is used to easily use the repeated design code by separating it from the rest of the code and makes the file light. Designs using CSS load faster.

Click fraud – Mechanism to detect same ip or robot clicks for Google ads. Click fraud is mostly opted by webmasters to increase their adsense revenue.


Doorway Pages- These are pages that are specifically created for redirecting users to a different (main ) page. Search engines penalize websites which uses doorway pages for spamdexing the search results.

Description Tag- A form of html tag which is used to describe the contents of a web page.

Domain Name- The name through which any business is found on the internet. The domain name hides the main ip address of the website and makes it easier for humans to remember the address.

Do Follow - An attribute given to an hyperlink which guides the search engines to crawl a link and to pass page rank to the link contained in the web page.

Duplicate Content- Similar content available on more than one web page over the internet.

DMOZ- The web's most comprehensive web directory that is valued highly by Google. A link from Dmoz helps to boost the authority of a website.


Flash- Specialized software used for adding multimedia and animation to web pages.

Facebook- A popular social networking website with over 350 million members and growing.


Google Dance- The time period when Google updates its index gives rise to fluctuations in the rankings of web pages.This time period is known as Google dance as the web pages keeps on dancing (moving up and down) on the search results.

Google Bomb or Googlewashing- It refers to a spammy practice of ranking a website for irrelevant keywords by building too many backlinks for that particular term. This practice was dated back in 1999-2000 and rarely happens today as Google has become much smarter.


Heading – HTML element used to highlight the main topic of the entire web page.

Hidden Text – Piece of text that remains hidden from the user but is visible to the search engines. It is a black hat Seo technique which uses same background color as the text color and other techniques to make the text hidden from the user.


Inner Pages- Pages on the website apart from the home page.

IP address- Internet Protocol address. Every computer connected to a network has an ip address which becomes its identity. The assigned network uses internet protocol for communication.

I Frame- An HTML tag used for embedding another document in the current document.

Image Links – Links that use images to link any webpage. Image links do not use anchor text but instead uses alt tag.

Infographics- It stands for information graphics where information is displayed in the form of graphics. It is widely used as link bait by webmasters. 


Keywords- Words that are selected wisely to promote a website on the search engines. People enter these words in the query box of the search engines to find information.

Keyword Density- The percentage of the presence of a specific keyword on a web page with respect to the actual content (number of words) on the web page.Ideal keyword density is between 1-3%.


Landing Pages- A page specifically created to generate a lead. Advertisers often land on a landing page after clicking an ad. The page serves as a medium to generate a lead.The landing page should be well optimized to help the user find adequate information they are looking for or to help them perform a call to action.

Link Building- A technique used by search engine optimizers to build backlinks to a website.

Link Farm- A group of websites which interlink each other.

Link Partner- Websites that link to each other are known as link partners.


Meta Tags- Group of tags which supply meta data i.e. data about data. It provides information about the document as a whole.

Micro blogging- Similar to blogging with the exception that the words used in micro blogging is lesser than the general blogging. 


No Follow- An attribute given to an hyperlink which guides the search engines not to crawl a link or to pass page rank to the link contained in the web page.


Orphan Pages- A term given to those pages that does not contain any inbound links.

Off Page Optimization- In simple words, off page optimization are a set of techniques that are used to popularize a website in the world wide web. These include all kinds of link building techniques like directory submission, article submission,press releases, blog creations, social media posts, rss feed submission etc. Search engine rankings are drastically improved when proper off page optimization is done with the use of the selected anchor text.


Panda Update - A Google update which targeted content farms. It happened on 24th Feb 2011 for US audience and on 11th April 2011 for English language results.

Penguin Update- A Google update which targeted web spam. It happened on 24th April 2012.

Page Rank- An algorithm named after Google founder Larry page which analyzes the power of backlinks while ranking web pages.

Press Release- Off page optimization technique that helps to spread the news about your company on the major news distribution channels across the web along with backlinks to your website. 

Pinging Tools – Collection of tools used to inform the search engines that a website has recently been updated.

Page Highjacking – It is a Black Hat Seo technique that involves producing duplicate copies of popular web pages in order to bring in web traffic. 


Query- Words entered in the query box of the search engines to find information.

QSR- It stands for Quoted Search Results which represents the number of exact web results for any search query.


Redirects- A technique used to guide users to an updated url to increase the effectiveness of the webpage.

Reciprocal Links- Links created with the help of two way link building method are known as reciprocal links.

Robots.txt- A file in the web server that guides the search engine bots not to certain elements or parts of the website.

Referral Traffic- Traffic received by any website that comes from other websites and not search engines. Traffic that comes from social media sites, blog sites, affiliate links are all counted as referral traffic.


Site Wide Links-  An hyperlink which is present on every page of a website.

Spider- Name for search engine robots which are used to crawl the web to compile information.

Seo- Acronym for search engine optimizers (Person who practice the technique of search engine optimization) and also for the process of search engine optimization.

Sem- Stands for search engine marketing which uses paid techniques like PPC to promote a website on Google.

SERP- Stand for Search engine result pages.

Seo Portfolio- An organized collection of your Seo works categorized by niche and achievements. 

Sandbox – A place for new websites which Google keeps before actually it starts ranking a website.

Search Operators – A collection of search engine operators which helps in faster processing of customized data.

Social Branding – Collection of processes and strategies used to establish a brand’s reputation in the social world. Online reputation is a major part of Social Branding.


Title Tag- An html tag describing the title of a web page.

Two Way Links- Also known as reciprocal links. Follows the concept of "you link to me and I will link to you". If a website links to another website on the internet and the linked website in return links back to the first website then this type of linking is known as two way links.

Three way Links- If a website links to another website on the internet and in return the linked website provides a link to the first websites on a third website then this type of linking arrangement is known as three way links.

TLD- Stands for top level domain.Examples are com,net,in,gov,org etc.

Twitter- A microblogging site.

Trust Rank – The value of a website after it achieves a certain level of trust by Google. Getting backlinks from authority sites helps to increase the trustrank of a website.


Webspam- Using deceptive techniques to work against the search engine algorithm of relevancy and authority. 

Webpage- The document that is ranked on Google for specific keywords.

Widgets – A short piece of code which performs a specific functionality. Mostly used to serve other webmasters apart from those who created the widget. A perfect example of widget is the Facebook like button which is used by several webmasters all over the world to enhance their website and to establish their social popularity.


Xrumer- It is an automated forum posting tool that successfully registers and contributes to forum spam. It is a Black Hat Seo tool.

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