Landing Page

Landing Page - Meaning and Goals

The page where people land after clicking on an advertisement is known as a “landing page”. These are specially created to generate sales and may contain text,images,videos or other elements. The goal of a landing page is to persuade user to do a certain action that may lead to sales. A landing page need not be the home page of the website. It is a special page created keeping in mind the targeted users.

Landing Page Essentials

1- Create specific landing pages for targeted users.
2- Limit the navigation and present the most important elements of your landing page to the user on the most visible area of the page.
3- You can experiment between different variations of your landing page and then choose the best out of them.
4- Choose a soothing background color so that it should not distract the user from fulfilling the main purpose.
5- Have minimum links on your landing page.
6- Use your keywords intelligently and have a neat and clean layout.
7- Have a catchy headline which persuades the user to generate a lead.
8- Analyze your conversion rate from time to time.

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