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This time seowaps will discuss blogger seo tips and guide How to make wigget nofollow , if a blogger friend who would know his name and look in webmaster tools HMTL there will look dupikat titles , duplicate archive and etc. . in situ in the sense of not really mean pengturan HTML / error then the times will discuss all wigget be nofollow in order not to google craw by robots and not in the index . labels Blogger / Blogspot is not a permanent link ( permalink ) but the link is only formed as a result of the search and the grouping command postings with a specific label . Therefore , the search engines ( especially Google ) links of this kind is not a valid link to be indexed . To avoid the label of the link index , nofollow attribute needs to be added to all the labels , including the label links are included in the body of the post / article . By providing the nofollow attribute on the label , is expected to process optimization SEO Blogspot become more leverage .
If the label links are added manually , then simply add the attribute rel = " nofollow " on a label tag . Example nofollow links :

<a href=""rel="nofollow"> HTML - CSS Tricks < / a>
But the label is displayed on the widget automatically , for example labelBlogger widgets and labels are displayed above / below the post , then you must add the nofollow attribute on the xml tag labels .
How to add nofollow attribute on all labels automatically :

1 . Login to dashboard > design / design > Edit HTML .2 . Click / check " Expand Widget Templates "3 . Search Data : label.url ( use Ctrl + F )On the whole , the code in tags like this :

<a expr:href='data:label.url'>
4 . Tags are usually there , amounting to one or two depending on the type of the XML template used tysng Blogger . Even within a particular XML template Bogger , some of more than two .To transform into a nofollow tag , add the attribute rel = ' nofollow ' tags into all of these as in the following example :

<a expr:href='data:label.url' rel='nofollow'>
5 . Once you add the nofollow attribute on the tags , and then save the template .6 . Done !
Note (important ) :For those of you using the menu / navigation breadcrumbs , will be found with similar tags affixed behind rel = ' tag ' :

<a expr:href='data:label.url' rel='tag'>
If the tag is found as above , you should NOT change the attribute rel = "tag" into rel = ' nofollow ' , because it is part of the breadcrumbs function tells the search engines that the link url serves as an informational tag for search engines .

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