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How to submit sitemap? friend had never heard of the submit sitemap to search engines ? Maybe for my friend who is still new aka newbie like me is still confused with what is called a sitemap submit blog .What is a sitemap ?Sitemap is a Sitemap helps Google crawlers to index the articles that my friend post ( Feed Website ) . As has been mate pairs sitemap and submit in Google Webmaster , then google will help my friend made ​​in the article and read in the search index .Why need to submit a sitemap ?For my friend who has a new blog , of course my friend would have wanted your blog quickly indexed by google and other search engines , right? Well one of the powerful ways that our blog quickly indexed by search engines , especially Google is to provide or submit a sitemap ( site map ) to the champion of our blog so that all of our blog pages indexed by google . It is also included in the On Page SEO blog that we do so we can survive in the SERP although rarely updated .How do I submit a sitemap of our blog ?Quite easy really, just follow the steps on how to submit a sitemap the following blog : 
1. Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools

2. If my friend has registered your blog it will display the name of your blog , if not then the friend must register first in order to your blog in the index .

3. On the menu select konfigursai site map site map site and click send .4. For users search blogger or blogspot , to register a site map or a sitemap can use 4 different ways , namely : , that is used to submit a sitemap is atom.xml danfeeds / posts / default .

5. Note , if my friend had to divert the flow of your blog feed to Feedburner , there will be an error when we submit a sitemap with default feeds from bloggers .

6. The solution , add the code ? Redirect = false so it will be

 7. Add the parameters to submit a sitemap , there are 2 ways:


8. Additionally, for my friend who already has over 500 posts , pal must submit a sitemap more than 1 time in accordance kelipatannya.Misal buddy got post 700 then the second one is as follows : and tricks submit sitemap - How to create a sitemapTo be more " hot " friend can do way more than 1 submit sitemap of sorts, if necessary sumbit Ajah with all the methods described above .Please wait pal submit the sitemap to your blog , there are usually only 1 hour or even 1 day . But if my own experience anyway ga till one minute is okay . Signs if submit the sitemap has been successfully expressed in check , while if it is still the image will appear hours .Good tips on how to submit sitemap blog , How to submit a sitemap in webmaster , How to submit sitemap in bing , How to submit sitemap in google , how to make seo sitemap , sitemap is useful and hopefully quickly indexed by google and bing

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