Why Google's Latest Updates Matter to SEOs

This February, Google made 40 changes to their search technology and in doing so, gave SEOs much to anticipate going forward.  Not only has the latest update to Panda made an impact on how content is filtered, but the other 39 updates to Google's algorithm are also expected to change the search engine optimization landscape.  These updates are actually intended to improve search results and create a better user experience, but as with any updates to Google Search, they can still affect SEO strategies.
While many of the updates listed in Google's Inside Search blog post are minor, they are all worthy of consideration when designing and maintaining campaigns.  In the post, Google has stated that factors such as link evaluation, local search results on both Google and YouTube and expanded sitelinks have all been at least slightly altered, but it's possible that some of the changes may have been major overhauls.
Many SEOs know that Google often makes updates to their algorithm, but the search engine has never announced 40 in a single month.  If this is a glimpse into the future, developers will have to keep focused on innovation moving forward.  Refusal or inability to adapt to such a wide array of changes could lead to trouble for developers; conversely, monitoring such changes and creating fresh strategies could lead to much success for Internet marketing companies.
Google does give a brief description of not only the changes made, but also details somewhat specifically what those changes will affect.  Any optimizers using outdated strategies will most likely experience diminished organic rankings and therefore should strive to stay "ahead of the curve" when constructing and maintaining their pages.  The changes certainly look to be positive and as always, encourage developing strong content, high-quality backlinks and relevant keywords.  February was clearly a big month for Google.  Now that they have detailed the changes they've made throughout the month; it would appear that March will be just as a big of a month for SEO developers. 

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