Penguin 2.0 Recovery Guide

Penguin 2.0 Recovery GuideGoogle launched the Penguin update 2.0 on May 22nd, 2013. Many webmasters who have followed a spammy link building strategy building links from low quality article directories, free blog hosting sites, low quality directories have been penalized by this update. Other factors which Penguin considered includes- similar anchor text backlinks, less brand related anchor text and less authority backlinks. If your website has been penalized by Google in this recent Penguin 2.0, then here is a quick guide to Google Penguin 2.0 recovery.

please refer to about 2.0 in full penguin : Penguin 2.0 Update 22 Mei

How to Recover Your Website from Penguin 2.0 Penalty   

Reason of Penalty- Low Quality Link Profile

Link profile can be of two types- high quality vs lowquality. Sites having a low quality link profile have been penalized by this update.

Steps to Recovery - Analyze your link profile using tools like ahrefs, seomoz, link detox etc. Prepare a list of low quality backlinks (PR 0, low DA, less user friendly spammy links) and then send an email to the webmasters requesting them to remove the links. Re-analyze the remaining links, prepare a disavow file and submit it using Google webmasters tool.

Reason of Penalty- Low Quality Content

Presence of low quality content can also be a reason of penalty. Low quality content can be of several types, duplicate content, missing content, keyword focused content and unauthoritative content.

Steps to Recovery- Complete the missing content and rewrite the content focused around keywords. Make sure to have original content on each and every web page of the site. Mention proper references and citations wherever necessary.

Reason of Penalty- Exact Keyword Match Anchor Text

Sites having too many exact match anchor text focusing around specific keywords have been penalized.

Steps to Recovery- Change all the anchor text and make them look natural. Use brand related anchors.

Reason of Penalty- Non Relevant Links

Links from non relevant sites that are unrelated to your niche can be a good reason for a Penguin penalty.

Steps to Recovery- Remove all unrelated backlinks and get high quality, relevant and authority backlinks.

Reason of Penalty- Unbalanced Frequency of Created Links

The frequency with which links are created are also a signal for the penalization of a website. Getting too many links within a short time period without any solid reason can make Penguin axe your website.

Steps to Recovery- Maintain a balance with which links are created to your site. Avoid using mass link link building software. Try to get links from quality websites and avoid getting too many links from spammy domains.

Major Losers of Penguin 2.0 Update

The image below shows the websites that have been affected the most by the Penguin update.
Penguin 2.0 Losers

 Major Gainers of Penguin 2.0 Update

The image below shows the websites that have been affected positively by the Penguin update.

Penguin 2.0 Gainers

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