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Link Building SEO If you start examining information about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there's no doubt you'll read about the importance of link building. This is something that has great impact on "the value" of website, its rating and position in search engines. Link building is not a simple task and so it may be somewhat confusing, especially in case you just make your first steps in this area.

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No SEO is possible without link building and that's why you should try to find out as much as you can about it. Certainly, other aspects like link popularity, search engine visibility, PageRank, linking and analyzing tools are also very important, so it's a good idea if you familiarize yourself with them as well. If you're a beginner and don't know where to start from, get accustomed with various search tools and techniques. Also look at your competitors and try to determine the sites where they put their links. Try to put links to those websites or directories too.
Do not stick to thinking that your website cannot be popular because it's relatively young. Without a doubt, websites with long and respectful history are valued higher by search engines, but by applying right SEO even not large and yet new project can attract search engine bots. The only way to do this is tobuild quality links. Premium links are the most valuable factor in increasing website's visibility. The more links lead to your website, the more times crawlers will visit your website and add it to index again and again. All information will be sent back to search engines and this will improve your position. Link building is a whole area in SEO and it includes various approaches and own strategy that usually includes link popularity, off-site submissions and internal linking structure.

Link Popularity

It's widely known that there's no universal guide that will tell you how to become successful with all search engines. Each system uses its own algorithms that are kept in secret, but we can tell that, for example, Google pays particular attention to the quality of links, while Yahoo values quantity. Anyway, no one's going to argue that links and link building is an essential part of any SEO and quickest road to success.
Search engines need to rate websites somehow, so they believe when companies and websites put link to your project, it means it's worth attention. So the more host sites accept your links, the more popular you become and the higher will be your rating. As we all know, in Internet popularity means increased profits.

Internal Linking Structure

Before you start working on increasing the number of links, check your internal link structure first. Your website should have a solid, tightly-knit structure. It should be clear for both users and search bots. Your website should be easy to navigate and links to all parts should be in visible places. Mark your hyperlinks: use italics, bold font or color to mark your hyperlinks. From time to time check your hyperlinks and make sure they work and there're no broken ones. If your visitors get frustrated, they can leave your website and may never return back. This is not what you want.

PageRank (PR)

PageRank is a famous system used by Google. It's named after Larry Page and determines relevance and importance of any website. Roughly, the system counts links and determines, what pages are more popular and what - less. It's clear your PageRank affects the place you appear in search engine results. 

Off-Site Submissions

These are all links you put outside your website. Internal linking won't be helpful in case you don't pay enough attention to off-site link building. This is a wonderful chance to attract new visitors to your website and become better noticed by search engines.
Main actions in this area include the following:
Directory submissions
Writing reviews
Writing articles, press releases and submitting them to special websites
- Creating your own blog or blogging on host sites
- Put links to your personal and business e-mails
Link building is an essential part of any SEO. As no website success is possible without quality and thoughtful link building, it's important to start it from very beginning. There's nothing difficult in it and it's enough to know SEO fundamentals to be able to use mentioned tactics and get rewards for this.

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