How to Put Ads Below Post Title Automatically

Put an ad below post title is the best way to earn a lot more than advertising another position , because the location of the ads below the title is a position that is usually first-time visitor see , well positioned with advertising setrategis allows visitors to click on ads that are more interested in us show on our blog .and the following are the steps to install the ads below the post title blogger / blogspot :1 . Please Login to your Blogger account mate 
2 . If you have please go to the Template >> Edit HTML Then Click the Button 
3 . Once entered into the template editor , please search <data:post.body/> code to facilitate the search , please press ctrl + f in your browser to use a buddy . 
4 . After the meet please parse pal this in ad code ( NB : Make belom buddy who knows , after my friend went into the parser site , pal pal stayed paste your ad code in the field provided , then click the button to parse then the friend will get the ad code has been ter - parser , and code that is what we will use in the next step ) 
5 . Ad to appear under the posts and parallel to the initial paragraph please paste the code below just above <data:post.body/> code :<div style='float:left'>
Put the code ADVERTISE HERE ALREADY parsed< / div >6 . Do not forget to replace ' place code ADVERTISEMENTS ARE ALREADY HERE parse ' the ad code that has been my friend the previous parse , and save . akn ad appears below the posts and parallel to the initial paragraph .Hasilanya is like in my next post ads Right .Addendum: If my friend wants to change the position of the ad from left to right my friend can change <div style='float:left'> with <div style='float:right'>I think enough of tips about how to put an ad under the post title , I hope this post helps bloggers in a good ad placement !

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