How to optimize SEO in Bing Webmaster Tools

How to Blog list in bing Each search engine has its own one of them Webmaster Tools Bing . In addition to Google Webmaster , Bing also has good facilities in improving SEF ( Search Engine Friendly ) good . Webmaster Tools serve to manage all the devices and resources available on a website . Start of indexing , crawling , statistics , keyword search , and so are able to maximize the traffic on a site .
How Optimizing SEO in Bing Webmaster is as follows :

1 . Visit the Bing Webmaster Tools ago . 

2 . Log in with your Microsoft account , or to register in advance .

cara mendaftar di bing webmaster tools 

3 . Once logged in , click on the name of your blog url . If there are no blogs are registered please click on the Add a New Site . How to Enroll in the bing site is similar to Google . If your blog has not been verified yet registered , please verify first.
cara verifikasi blog di bing webmaster 

4 . Click the Reports & Data to check the crawl , see if there is an error or a url link blocked .

crawl di bing webmaster tools 

5 . To check sitemaps you can go to the Configure My sites , click sitemaps . 
6 . Eating will see the amount url of your site that have been sent and indexed in the search engine Bing . 
7 . To check for errors that occur in the composition of your blogs about SEO , it can go to Diagnostics & Tools . Click SEO Analyzer . 
8 . Enter your blog url in the box .
seo analyzer bing webmaster 

9 . In the table , containing a variety of errors that exist on your site .
Kerusakkannya level is divided into three parts, namely , Low , Medium and High . 

10 . Click one to analyze and investigate errors where the errors are .
memperbaiki url error di bing 

11 . Perform corrective measures as seen in the picture . 
12 . Yellow text part is that there is an error in the composition of the script code of your site . 
13 . As seen in the figure , you have to fix the composition h1 headings correctly . Here I cite by using the title of the article that was in the blog homepage becomes h1 all . Bringing the total number of H1 to 6 .
While the headings are SEO Friendly is one that has the maximum number of H1 1 . 

14 . As for attibute <img> tag is for search engines to index the image by giving the name of the image . However , in the example above I just put the alt attribute without giving the name of the image in img . 
15 . And the last mistake , I remove the meta language in the blog . So the Bing webmaster tools there are errors in the language used on our blog . How to fix it can go into the template and then Edit HTML . Add Meta Data Language blog ( blogger ) you .
To get backlinks in making post articles , use Explorer links on your Bing Webmaster Tools . Search and browse by keyword potential for us to do a post .
Explorer is a tool you can see the Diagnostics and Tools , and select Link Explorer .
The main features of Link Explorer is having the ability to filter based on keywords (Additional queries ) , anchor text , and reffering domain ( " Filter by sites " ) . One of the impressive aspects of the Explorer Link is the speed at which the index and backlink reports on our website .

mendapatkan backlink di bing webmaster tools 
You can optimize SEO in Bing Webmaster Tools with optimization liking .

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