How to Make Your Seo Campaign Stand Unique?

Whenever we talk about seo, we are reminded of building backlinks to our website using old school techniques like article syndication,directory submission, forum posting, social blogging, social bookmarking etc. But, the most important part which we all forget is the uniqueness in your SEO campaign! From where can we get that uniqueness that makes our targeted website stand apart in the search results?

Do Unique SEO and Defeat Your Competitors!

Gaining good rankings, getting targeted traffic, increasing the rate of successful conversions are all included in a SEO’s work strategy. But, getting positive results on all these fronts requires extra effort. This extra effort should be in terms of creativity and uniqueness. I will discuss some of the ways you can make your seo campaign stand unique and gain the best results on areas that are most required.

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Plan out a Separate Strategy for Every Website

A separate strategy should be planned for every website. You cannot go and perform a fixed amount of pre planned SEO work for every website that comes to you. Each and every niche requires work to be done based on their competition and targeted keywords. So, spend more time in doing proper research as to where the website stands at the initial stage and how much work is required to help it get promoted in order to get more targeted traffic thereby increasing the rate of conversions.

Spend 30% of Your Time Doing Competitor Research

Competitor research is an ongoing strategy and should be followed until the campaign is live. Most of the web marketers start the campaign by analyzing the competitors and then leave them uncompleted. You must devote at least 30% of your SEO work time in doing proper competitor research using tools like Moz, Semrush, Ahrefs, Alexa, KeywordSpy, Social Mention etc. Using tools for doing competitor research makes your work easier than before and you can spend more time analyzing and revising your strategy.

Focus on Improving the Site’s Content

Google algorithm works in two ways in analyzing the relevancy of a website with respect to the searched keywords. The first is by analyzing the content present on the webpage and the second is by judging the authenticity of the website. Content is the prime criteria to make your site rule the search results.
You must focus really hard in improving the site’s content and keep on updating the pages. Many times it happens that the news, story or advice present in the pages become stale and requires updation.  When this happens, update your web pages immediately to stay in competition as the users love the sites which provide fresh and updated content. It is better to mention here that Google always follows the user.

Work towards Increasing the Brand Value

If you are promoting a website that is an established brand then work towards increasing the brand value. Study the number of brand related searches that people perform every day. Analyze the content of the sites which show up in the search results apart from the brand’s own site. Get some online reputation management done if it is required. This way the brand popularity will be maintained.

Get Social Media Attention

Social Media has taken the world by storm and Google was forced to include it as criteria for judging the popularity of a webpage. You have the power of social media in your hands so go and explore it! Get the right amount of social media attention for your targeted site in order to make Google realize the importance of your site.

You need to establish a solid presence on all leading social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Delicious, Google Plus. Diigo, Reddit etc.

Invest More Time and Build Reputable Profiles for Guest Posting

Guest posting has come out as one of the best ways of building natural backlinks for your website. But, many people are doing in wrongly forcing Google to plan out an update for spammy guest posting soon. First thing to keep in mind is, guest posting done without mentioning your genuine Google Plus profile is a waste. Actual guest posting are done by industry experts who genuinely share their opinions with the world and mention the brands in their story or advice. You need to become an expert in order to make your word count. I know, it sounds a little bit difficult to make that possible, but believe me, this is what Google wants! It is upto you, how intelligently you carry out your guest posting campaign.

Plan out a Link Bait

Many web marketers and search engine optimizers bypass this extremely important SEO component while promoting a site. You must spend weeks together in planning out a proper link baiting campaign because if this strikes well, you will steal the game from your competitors.

Work towards Increasing the Social Share Count

Numbers do matter and brands having a high count of social shares on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter are seen with much respect than those having a low social count. Hence, work towards increasing the number of social counts, the more is the better. But, remember; do not buy them as this won’t help in the long run.

Make Brands Spread a Helping Hand towards Customers in Order to Increase Citations

Citations matter no less than backlinks. You need to increase the number of citations pointing towards your brand. Successful citations are received automatically whenever the brand is in news or does something positive for the benefit of the customer.

Get a Rock Solid Local Presence

Don’t forget to get a rock solid local presence. Earn citations and backlinks from every popular local listing directory like WhitePages, YellowPages, Manta, Biznik, Kudzu etc. These sites have enough reputation and getting a listing here can increase the chances of getting targeted visitors to your site.

Build Authorship and Author Rank

Anonymous content will not rank as it used to be in the past. Although, leaving some exceptions. Implementing Google authorship and building author rank is the single most important thing you can do for your site right now. Do not remain in the cloud that your site cannot get hurt because it has enough of reputation. Get the authorship implemented at the earliest.

Don’t Leave Out Press Releases

Press Releases are the SEO’s best friend. Make it a habit of sending out press releases but not without any reason. Try to make the brand remain in the news in some or the other form. Create news and distribute it accordingly. If experts are to be believed then it works as the best link bait.

Revise Your Strategy Time to Time

A successful and experienced search engine optimizer must revise the strategy from time to time. This helps to find out the areas that needs less attention and the areas that needs more time and effort. But, remember to give ample time to your planned strategy first before revising the strategy. Have a lot of patience while carrying out the SEO campaign for your client as this will surely pay in the long run.

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