How to custom domain in blogger

Every blogger does want to look dynamic , elegant , fashionable and slang . Especially in improving the quality and appearance of his blog , often for bloggers who belong to rich willing to spend enough money for the development of his blog , for example by purchasing a paid premium themes , hire the services of design , and also custom domain blogger . But for the beginner bloggers are indeed many are confused , especially for custom domain problem , therefore I am going to share about the trick .
* If you already have a domain , please login to your domain control panel , of course, with the username and password that has been given .* Highlight Domains menu then select List All Orders .

* Click on the domain you want to set to a custom domain .

* Click the DNS menu , then click the Active DNS

* Click the Auto - update nameservers

* There will be a statement that the new nameservers can be activated within 24-72 hours .

Modifications nameserver completed successfully . You will need to allow a 24-72 hour DNS propagation time for the service to begin working .
* Still in the DNS menu tab , click the Manage DNS , a new page will appear , then click menuCNAME Records tab , then click the Add CNAME Record

* Fill in Host Name with www , then fill with Value , for TTL leave it alone . Finish by clicking the Add Record button .

* Do the Add A record 3 times longer , but that in insert is the IP number , , . So there will be 4 records generated

* Step addition of IP on your blog is not intended to be experiencing an error when accessed without www . 

* To set the CNAME on the domain has been completed , the next step is setting on your blog in blogger .Here's how to set your blog on blogger

* Please login to blogger with your ID 

* Click the settings for the want in a custom domain

* Click the Publish tab 
* Click on Domains Ubahsesuaian

* Click the Switch to advanced settings

* Fill Your Domain with a domain name that had its DNS gives a chance , do not forget to include the www in front . format is www.domainanda . Example . Fill in the word verification and end there with the click SAVE SETTINGS .

* Finish .Custom domain process bloggers have been completed , but it usually takes time for your blog can be accessed using the new domain . This process usually takes a period of 24 hours , but many are only two or three hours have been completed , and your blog can be accessed with your domain .Good luck and hopefully your blog more and appear more professiona . I think it's an explanation of how the domain in blogger custom domain this time . May be useful .

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