How to blog to rank 1 in google

Cara blog menjadi Ranking 1 di Google
Every day people are looking for solutions on the Internet for this kind of problem . Your quest to be the top ranking at Google starts with knowing exactly what is and solve problems on the website / blog. And you should be able to explain the problem and solve it in one sentence .
example :

Tricks traffic by Nick ( ) shows you how to get more traffic to your site .
Site Bob shows you how to get " your poodle to stop peeing on the carpet Persian " you .
Jim shows another site you how to win the contest " spitting llama " .

If you do not know what the problem should be solved on your site then you are in a difficult situation and all research keywords (keywords ) and search engine optimization in the world will not help you at all .
A Quick Word About AdsMost of you want to rank high in Google so that you can get more traffic and ultimately make more sales ( advertising ) . And know exactly what the problem is solved will make your site 100 times easier to find the target and high conversion ads for your site .Create a Keyword ListYou need to create a list of keywords (keywords ) and keyword phrases that best describe the types of searches that your target audience would type in Google . For example , if your site is about SEOmaka your list might include :

seo tutorial
seo tips
seo services
how to seo
learn seo
seo tools , etc. .

Try using a 4 to 10 key words or phrases to list your site . You may also use an online thesaurus to come up with synonyms for your keywords . Do not worry if your list is not too long . In the next section I will show menghasilkankata key tool for tons more .Keyword Research Part 1Once you have a list of keywords you want to rank for the possibility of time to do keyword research using Google's free keyword research tool . It is very easy to use and I recommend sorting search results by Global Monthly Search Volume . And what you are looking for relevant keywords that have the highest number in the search .Keyword research part 2In the keyword research phase we want to determine how the different keyword cost . For example , if I have a website about dogs , I would probably find that the keywords related to ' stop barking , dog ' would be more valuable than keywords like lessons ' learned dancing dog ' .Keyword Research Part 3The final step in your keyword research is to determine how much competition keywords that are owned , respectively . Using the Google keyword tool that you want to determine how many websites are competing for each keyword in your list .

Keyword Research ConclusionsIn summary keywords that you choose for your website should fit all , 4 of the following criteria :

Keywords related to your target audience
Keyword searching every month has been enough to make it worth your time
Keywords that are quite valuable
Keywords have a number of competitions that you feel comfortable enough

I Conducting ExperimentsSome time ago I did an experiment to see how fast I can be silly rank for keywords that have virtually no competition . So I made ​​a blog post with the title of Biggest Absolute Failure . I know that my blog platform will put keyword phrases Biggest Absolute Failure in all the right places and I waited to see how long it takes me to Google to rank a particular keyword . When I checked my ranking a few hours later I was surprised to find that I have my blog posts ranked # 1 for Biggest Absolute Failure .
I am very happy about this but quickly realized that the ratings for this traffic does not help me get targeted traffic . The expression Biggest Absolute Failure is not relevant to my niche , it is worthless and nobody's looking .

So , when trying to get a high ranking in Google make sure you choose keywords that fit 4 criteria listed above .

Finding balanceMost likely you will not find the perfect keywords with tons of search and competition . Instead you will have to find a balance between these things .Avoid Keywords That vaguely
Many people want to rank for the keyword real estate or a computer or a dog . The problem with these keywords is that they are super competitive and you really do not know what people are really looking for .
For example , if someone searches for computers they might be looking for :

Parts for computers
buying a computer
Computer repair shop in St . Louis
Computer programming languages
history of computer
News about computers
Schools and classes on computer
Film on the computer

Each term has a very different audience and you do not know what a person is really seeing . So do yourself a favor and avoid keyword vague .
I discuss this in more detail in : 2 Reasons Keywords Suck ( And How To Fix Them )
Finding out what your site problem solve and keyword research is the second most difficult thing for you to do to rank high in Google .

But they are the most important !You buy a domain for your website will depend entirely on the keywords you choose . If you skip the keyword research you are going to buy the domain is wrong and it will make it much more difficult to rank high . The website does not only rank high on Google , they rank high for a particular keyword phrase . So , make sure you rank high for the keyword phrase right .
More Tools and ResourcesThere are tons amounted keyword research tools and tutorials available to you that I did not cover in this post . To learn more about keyword research go check on Keyword Research 101 .
Buy The Right DomainOnce you know what your ideal keyword is you need to get a domain that has keywords in it . For example , if your targeted keyword phrase is ' how to train a hippo ballerina ' then ideally you will buy the domain ' ' .
Sometimes your ideal domain is taken so you may have to put a hyphen between the words . Another option is to put a filler word at the beginning or end of your domain . For example , if not available you can try :

And get . Com .
Whenever possible you should buy . Com domains ending with my experience . Com or . . org or net ratings . Better in Google and get more traffic .
I support the domain . Com for . Org . Due to the net and word-of - mouth . For example , if I have a friend who would like to train to become a ballerina hippo I would refer him to ' HowToTrainHippopotamusBallerinas ' on my website and he would usually assume that it is the domain . Com . If not my website is ' ' my friend had to remember one more thing about my website and I tend to forget that domains ending in . Org .

But Nick , I 've spent $ 10 on a domain . Do I really have to get a different one for ranking in Google ? No you do not , but it will be much harder to rank high with the bad domains .
It's kind of like running a marathon and asked , " If someone tied my hands on my back , I still would be able to complete a marathon ? ' YOU CAN! Theoretically you could run a marathon is hard without disabilities . Rank high in Google and a lot like running a marathon , it takes time , effort and preparation course .
Why You Want To Make It More Difficult ?
Search Engine OptimizationAlmost everyone has heard about search engine optimization today . So I 'll skip the nitty-gritty details and just go over a few highlights .
Search engine optimization can be divided into three basic components , namely :
Keyword research / Meta Tags1 . It is covered at length in the section above .On page optimization
2 . You want your keyword phrase in your domain as well as the title tag , h1 tags , etc. ( If all this is new to you then go see your grandma's Guide To Search Engine Optimization and Keyword )
3 . Back Link Building / BacklinkYou need to have other websites link to your site because each link is like a vote. And the sound you get better . We will go deeper into the next section .
4 create link building as I apply it , for example like wikipedia every article always displays categories related link , from the google link building is very mengukai of blogs / websites that are qualified for link building also helps in the SERP google which means any web article / blogs can be interconnected interconnected to one another .
5 . Optimize the backlink backlink outwardly free yah buddy ga also important what is seo backlink from dofollow koment results , the results link exchange , submit articles to the results of a wide range of web directories . of backlinks that my friend who also determines the quality of the blog , and there are more questions that I have ever heard in my blog there are berkoment seseorng on this article but I forget what his article , this " thank ya gan already nyedian dofollow blogs , ko agan bold blog on jadiin doFollow that it affects the quality of a web SERP and generate spam " I remember that question about the koment seseorng responsibility , my responsibility okeh also of quality backlinks that also affect the quality of the website , from the results of my moosy around 111rb backlinks backlink from dofollow and nofollow and the webmaster who tercata 45Rb tatuan my site from outside , then from this dofollow blog backlink that dare make dofollow blog which means this blog backlinks possessed a protective form , and of the people who commented koment I also got the blessing which means it can increase traffic , and PAGE RANK course . but I also filter comments if people commented 3 to 4 links then that means I will delet SPAM : D
6 . your blog also never forget the sitemap is always updating your blog on the web masters and also submit url ping providers that can make your blog more and more updates .

Why Last Experiment Make It Difficult Being Blog Rank 1 ?In my last experiment .... I experimented with the composition of backlinks that are not ideal . The goal is to get into shape over optimization . Obviously this is very dangerous , because I do not even suspect there will be a major update of Google in May that target blogs that perform excessive optimization .
Be careful not to over- optimization experiencing this condition , because it turned out to be very difficult to achieve rank 1 if it is in this condition . I am still very hassles in neutralizing unnatural backlinks from blogs Seowaps this , but at least there is a gradual increase
I 've tried using the link but it seems to disavow tools must be careful also use the tool to deny such a link ....The Things to Look Basics Of SEOThis time I want to share some simple things about the tips to win in the page one . But before I begin discussing the basic tips to be rank 1 in Google , I want my friends to remember the basic rules of building a lively blog visitors , namely :

Use SEO Friendly template blog
Diligently adding a quality article
Doing Link Building natural or at least seem natural
The first point is only done at the beginning and do not too often edit the template . The second and third points to be done repeatedly, until a popular blog . There is no magic button that you can press and popular blog tomorrow ....
If you are lazy to search for backlinks , then make a diligent article . If you're too lazy to write an article , then the diligent search for backlinks . But the best of course if you do both diligently ....

Some Additional Tips For Being Rank 1 In Google

The hierarchy of headings should be good blogsGood blog hierarchy in terms of headings will help you improve the position in Google . Make sure the most important points in the tagged pages h1 , and h2 tagged discussion points . If h2 still have discussion points , then give the h3 tag . Use bullets or numbering also for the next points , as this will make your blog professional impression .

Short paragraphs MainThis short paragraph is intended to provide a brief overview of the contents of your article . This paragraph should also contain keywords that you 're after , and be sure the bold print . I myself used to put the main short paragraph at the beginning or at least the second or third paragraph .

Perform Interlinking Between PagesMake sure that every article that you have created possessed the link to the article. The more important an article on a blog , the more also links that refer to the article. This will make the article has the greatest strength of all the articles that are in the blog .... and make the article a great opportunity to reach rank 1 in Google if you do it right optimization .

Use the Sitemap to your BlogThis sitemap will help your blog visitors to search for a list of articles you have. But there is one thing to note here , that is the number of links should be limited to only 100 links for each sitemap .
Why should it be limited like that ? Since the average Google will crawl the page to 100KB size text only version of the browser . After that I will leave the page . Usually it has a page size of 100KB 100 links only, so if you want to make sure all the links to read, then limit your links on the sitemap .

Use Title Tag The DescriptiveThis is a very important factor in your plans for the rank rank 1 in Google . Title tag has the role and points are very large , so do not waste the title tag . There are basic rules of the title tag should you notice that " THE MORE IMPORTANT IN THE FUTURE " , so the keywords you are targeting should be in the beginning of the title tag .Title tags are limited only 70 characters , but from personal experience title tag should limit of 5-10 words.

Use Meta Description The NaturalUsually a lot of bloggers who use the meta description of a long with so much repetition of keywords . Better not do that .... 100-150 character is very pretty and there are words that should not be repeated more than twice ....

Perform Link Building That Impressed NaturalAfter the era of this penguin is something that is very important to keep the friends limit. Do not like it used to be where we greedily find backlinks , because this 100 day quality backlinks look natural and really pretty to slam blogs with 10,000 backlinks unnatural .
I have never used a technique exchange links , link wheel , or advanced techniques that are often mentioned in the forum , so I can not recommend it . But if my friends think to do it go ahead . I am doing this just for commenting on blogs , forums and social bookmarking submit .

When asked what it was natural backlinks ? I will not discuss it here , because it's not bad for a separate article made ​​.... But as a guide for my friends , please find 5 articles on wikipedia and enter the URL into and compare data and graphics from five to URL it , then my friends will find a natural backlink character ....
Ok , good luck with your venture into rank 1 .

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