Google Algorithm Change History

Google Algorithm Google has started updating its ranking algorithm from as early as 2003. The infographic shared below displays the complete history of Google algorithms. Here is a short summary of Google algorithm change history -

2003- Google Dance
           Florida Update

2004- Austin Update
           Brandy Update
2005- Allegra
          No Follow
          Local Maps

2007- Universal Search

2008- Google Suggest

2009- Vince Update
           Rel Canonical Tag
           Real Time Search

2010- May Day
          Brand Update
          Google Instant
          Social Signals

2011- Attribution
           Panda Update
           Plus Ones
           Freshness Signal

2012- Venice Update
           Penguin Update
           Knowledge Graph
           Exact Match Domain (EMD) Update
           DMCA Penalty Pirate Update

Google Algorithm 

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