Download smadav 9.7 2014 Full Keygen

Smadav 2014 rev 9.7 . an anti virua protection for your computer , and the total protection and cleanup for the flash , it is only lately many new virus virus spread in cyberspace internet . The main function Adapaun smadav :

Keeping your computer from virus attacks
Highly Compatible with external antivirus .
Making a total of USB flash protection .
As the virus cleaning tool .
At this time SmadAV has released the newest version , namely SmadAV 2014 rev 9.7 . The new features in smadav 9.7 include:

Database 161 new viruses .
Program on a usb detection techniques .
Pro smadav update process , etc.
That steps be smadav smadav pro

Download smadav rev 9.7 2014 Full Keygen
Please open the patch you downloaded .

Enter the name of my friend on the column name .
Choose type: personal , or depending on your institution .
So automatically the series appeared .
Then copy the name and serial .
Then open your smadav
Copy / Paste name and last serial to register smadav pro column . See the picture below .

Click Register then you are going to smadav into full version
Good luck to eradicate the harmful viruses . Greetings buddy .Download smadav rev 9.7 2014 Full Keygen

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