Directory submissions guide

Directory submissions guide
Submitting to web directories is an excellent way to build backlinks and boost good ranking in search engines. You can add social media marketing and article creation into the link building to reach good results for your business. Directories provide value to web masters who are looking to get their web sites indexed and increase link popularity.

Directory submissions
Directory submission is a sort of site submission where you submit your site to other online web index. You should do that submission to lead the site to be found by the search spiders.

Reasons Why Directories have less value this days

There are several reasons why getting included in some directories will not benefit you.
No Traffic - The directory gives a little valuable traffic.
There can be many category pages but very few listings included in them.
A little quantity of category pages could be indexed in the search robots. If inner category pages aren't indexed, they cannot pass any link popularity to your website.
Very low Page Rank.
Directory submission is a capability that can offer a number of advantages for a site. Some of them are listed below:
It can help increase backlinks.
Niche of directory submission. Directory lists certain sites in particular niche. In that case a webmaster can obtain relevant back linking.
Anchor text. You can give relevant keywords as the heading to enhance link popularity.
Free submissions. You sites can also be submitted to directories without payment. So if you are interested in employing link building service it is good way for you.
Directories are also outstanding partners in link exchanging.

Paid or Free directories?

A lot of free directories seem to remove links after some time.

Select Proper Category

You should submit your website to the proper category to have it reviewed by the proper editor! Editors of directories are overfull with submissions. Unsuitable submissions are likely to be discarded instead of forwarded to one more editor. You can increase your chances if you submit to the local segment of a directory.


Quite large directories need a certain quantity of Page Rank to get all their pages indexed correctly. Google's recent clean-up on directories has made visible Page Rank even more unrelated when it comes to choosing directories.
There are directories that have no PageRank. If a directory is ranking fine in the search spiders then you can be assured that it has sufficient Page Rank

Anchor text

Before submitting, look around a directory and get a feel for what you can and can't catch away with. Some owners of directories will let you use a search phrase on its own, whereas others will only use your site/ business name.
Always try to obtain one of your search phrases in and vary anchor text as much as possible - this will come into view more natural to the search robots.

Does the Directory Add the NOFOLLOW Attribute To Its Listings?

Directories can add the nofollow attribute to inbound links and it is not going to help you. Unless you are expecting to obtain some traffic from the directory, avoid it.

The top 10 directories

Finally, here's a list of the top free and paid general directories to get you started.
5 of the best free directories include:

Site Index - -
Web World -
Open Directory Project -
Search Sight -
5 of the best paid directories include:

Best of the Web - -
Yahoo! Directory -
Aviva -
Ezilon -
Directory submission service can openly guide a website to search engine detection and thus land it on the straight way to victory.
Submitting to Directories takes more time than submitting to search spiders. You must keep in mind that directories are edited by humans, not programs. You still should optimize your webpage for good search engine position.

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