Author Rank is the New Page Rank

Author Rank can be said as the new Page Rank for Google as the search engine giant has started to put a lot of emphasis on authorship. With the motto of moving from "strings to things", Google has started to rate web pages based on the author profile and author rank, hence having a solid author rank would help your web pages to rank higher up on the search results.
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What is Author Rank and How is it Calculated?

Author Rank a.k.a Agent Rank is a metric that is assigned to every author based on the contributions, social popularity, industry popularity, social circles, number of plus ones the content receives, the quality of the content, the number of quality backlinks or mentions the content receives etc. This metric is huge and takes into account many individual factors. The time has come for Google to analyze and rate web pages based on the author rank of the contributor and in future too, growth in this area is certain.


Why is Author Rank Important and How ?

Author Rank is extremely important if you want your web pages to rank higher on Google. Implementing Google Authorship is necessary as it helps Google to "stop web spam for free". After you have implemented Author Rank in your website, your next step would be to increase the value as well as relevance of your Author profile. Author Rank gives you the power to rank for your own site as well as on other website based on the power of content written by you as your profile adds up to the power and makes the web pages rank higher up.

Hence, you can take it in this manner- if you are able to get many high Author Rank authors to write for your website then you have the best possible options for getting your web pages ranked highly. This is straightforward, take it or leave it.

What About Page Rank?

Page Rank is still important as it judges the web page on popularity basis. Hence, I am not saying that Page Rank is not important and you must make every effort to increase your website's Page Rank. But, the thing is, Author Rank has emerged as one of the most useful metrics ever.

Moving From Page Rank to Author Rank

Google is slowly moving from Page Rank to Author Rank and there are many facts that support this fact. Web content that are written by reputed authors are already ranking higher on Google. Sites having less Page Rank but having content written by highly popular authors are ranking higher, just for the sole fact that this signal related to the real world and helps Google to correctly evaluate the content present on a web page without worrying too much about web spam.

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